Landscape Design

All of the landscapes we create are unique and customized to meet the individual tastes, functional needs, and budgets of our clients. Whether you are seeking a low maintenance landscape, an urban oasis, a child friendly garden, we can work with you on creating a beautiful landscape that meets those needs, while taking into account your budgetary and environmental constraints.

Landscape Design Philosophy

At Farnsworth Landscaping, we incorporate 5 elements – Earth, Wood, Fire, Water & Space – into our landscape design. In doing so, our landscapes reflect a sense of balance, harmony, and integration with the natural world, even if you live in the city.


Earth elements include our work with soils, plant design and stone masonry. Here are some examples of how we work with Earth.

  • California Native and Mediterranean deer resistant and drought tolerant plantings
  • Organic soil amendments and mineral dense fertilizers for optimum plant growth and health
  • Incorporation of food gardens, whenever possible and desired
  • Incorporation of art sculpture, crystals, obelisks, and statuary as desired


Wood is one of the most versatile landscaping elements, in terms of form, texture, and function. We have expert carpenters on our team to handle any kind of woodwork necessary for your project.

  • Fine carpentry, including: decks, fences, arbors, gates and benches, professionally built to code
  • Use of sustainably harvested and recycled lumber, whenever possible
  • We design with respect to existing trees and native plants present on site


Fire is the key element to creating wonderful outdoor living spaces in the Bay Area, when temperatures drop at night. We incorporate Fire into our landscape designs through:

  • Incorporation of beautiful fire features: fire bowls, fire pits, fireplaces and kitchens
  • Timed outdoor lighting systems
  • Solar panel installation


We honor Water as a vital source of life and treat it as a valuable resource that can be conserved and used efficiently with appropriate irrigation design. In addition we use Water as a Feng Shui element, to add beauty and serenity to your landscape garden.

  • Water management systems with a focus on rainwater catchment, harvesting, recirculation and conservation
  • Irrigation tracked to local weather managed from home PC, or remotely to maximize on client convenience and conservation
  • Waterfalls, ponds, recirculating fountains and freestanding water sculptures


With Space, our landscape design philosophy strives to make optimal use of your physical space for both beauty and function, as well as the extension of living space from indoor to outdoor. For example:

  • Creation of outdoor living and dining spaces, as well as outdoor kitchens
  • Creation of urban retreats, vertical landscapes, low maintenance landscapes & edible gardens
  • Creation of child friendly gardens and recreational spaces
  • Beautification of property contours, curbs and boundaries