Hillside Landscape Design

Hillside landscape design by Farnsworth Landscaping

The San Francisco Bay Area is known for hills and steep inclines, which poses unique landscaping challenges. With over 25 years of landscape design and construction experience in the Greater Bay Area, Farnsworth Landscaping has mastered the art of hillside landscape design.

Terrace Landscaping with Sweeping Views

We excel at terrace landscaping and have helped numerous homeowners reclaim usable outdoor living space from steep inclines through the creation of terraces and verandas. The creation of beautiful multi-level outdoor living spaces with sweeping views is our specialty.

Terrace landscaping is our specialty at Farnsworth Landscaping

Slope Landscaping Transforms Hills into Art

Even if your residence resides on a gradual slope, we can transform your hillside into a vision of beauty. The addition of stone or wood steps, retaining walls, and ornamental plants can transform your hill into a bucolic retreat.

Slope landscaping by Farnsworth Landscaping

Vertical Landscaping & Retaining Walls

Because vertical landscapes are so common in the Bay Area, retaining walls are our forte at Farnsworth Landscaping. We can design and install attractive retaining walls for any contour and gradient, and select the most appropriate building materials suitable for your terrain.

Retaining walls are our expertise at Farnsworth Landscaping

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